4:30 Am

Was rushing to log out for the day and get my saddle bags from the locker room. Yes, I was starting the ride from my office. I work night shifts so it was Friday evening for me 😛 After getting a lot of advice from my fellow friends, I took all my baggage and started towards the parking. Mounted up the saddle and the tank bag on my bike and started towards the entrance to have a smoke with all my friends.


4:45 Am

After bidding good bye, I started off towards NH48. Since the city streets had a little bit of  traffic because of the early morning cabs, it took a little longer to get to the highway. After reaching the highway had a peaceful ride for the next 50 kms after which I stopped for a small chai break.

Talking with the local people while sipping my cup of chai got to know that the road will be smooth and easy after chennasamudram tolls. The old man who was there in the tea shop was so excited on seeing my bike all saddled up and was so curious on where i was travelling to. The conversation went on like this,

Old Man: Looks like a new bike. How old is your bike?

Me: It’s 2 years old uncle.

Old Man: 2 Years! It looks all new. Well maintained young lad!

Me: Thanks a lot uncle!

Old Man: Where are you travelling to?

Me: I’m riding to Gujarat uncle. Will be staying at Bangalore and Pune.

Old Man: Ohh! That’s great! Keep going and Ride safe!

Me: Sure uncle!

I left the tea shop after having one more cup of chai.

6:30 Am

Riding an rough patch of road continuously for an hour got my butt numb since it was my first day of the ride. Stopped after the chennasamudram toll to have a short break to relive myself from the bright highbeams and the cold wind. Having my cup of chai I was updating my Instagram stories and to my surprise i saw few bulleteers stopping in the same shop. Though they don’t have a huge saddle or and bag tied at the rear end they too were travelling to bangalore for the weekend. After having an friendly talk with one of those guys, started off again towards the IT Capital of India.

The road was such a treat to ride on!

8:30 Am

I was almost racing being confused whether it was an highway or some race track. The sun was completely out by this time. The warmth from the sun was much needed since it was cold. This road must be a treat if you’ve an super bike and a heavy pocket to fuel it 😛 Yeah since i was racing like hell and pushing my bullet beyond its capacity, i had to feed it twice than the usual. I stopped at an local petrol pump and to my surprise half my tank was already empty despite the fact that I’ve only covered 170kms from Chennai. The guy at the fuel station was so curious of the camera on my helmet. After chatting with him for 10 mins he wished me luck and to drive safe.

This is the good part about travelling solo. You can meet a lot of people and they too will be open to you about the local happenings and the local culture.

Since I was riding in a faster pace which led to an very bad fuel economy I decided to ride in an steady pace of 80kms\hr. Cruising around an butter smooth highway with nature rich landscape on both the sides gave an divine feel to the ride.

10.00 Am

All of a sudden I could’nt keep my eyes on the road and concentrate riding. Such a beautiful mountain! It made me euphoric when i saw that blissful serene landscape. I stopped my bike along side the highway to spend some time in that cold and calm environment.


Spent some time clicking pictures in this beautiful place and started again with a fresh mind. Riding has never been this much entertaining and pleasant before. I started to feel the real perks of travelling solo.

The roads after this were like the ones in looney tunes show. Yes, they were like a slide in the park, full of ups and downs. While approaching Karnataka, I witnessed some huge rocky mountains which were perfectly in sync with the road.

After riding an long neat and smooth road, i reached Bangalore by 11.45 Am. Though I reached Bangalore at the correct expected time, it took me 1 hour to reach my uncle’s place.

If you want an traffic free and blissful highway ride, This would be the only choice!


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