Haha! Yeah, Vedanthangal it is. The only place for bikers to reach out for short breakfast runs. With a radiant atmosphere and greenery on both side of the tarmac this route is the best way to start your day with. IMG-20160126-WA0044

4.35 a.m

Woke up and gave my cousin a bell as he too was about to accompany me for the ride. I geared up after having a cup of coffee and started towards my cousin’s place to pick him up.

4.50 a.m

We both started to Alandhur MetroStation which was 30 minutes away. It was a short ride with some quick turns and twists. We finally reached there 5 minutes earlier, met all our brothers and with a quick intro got to know each other. As two more comrades had to join us we all were waiting there for some 15 minutes.

5.15 a.m

With almost everyone present, we started towards Accenture where one of our comrade was about to join. After getting him with a quick stop, we started again towards vedanthangal as we were already running late.IMG-20160126-WA0051

It was a hectic ride as the motorway was fully packed with trucks and cars. We somehow managed to maneuver the jam and rode till the toll booth after which the road was lucid and open to roll.

7.30 a.m

After a series of stops we finally reached the spot, parked our bikes and went in to gaze at those beautiful birds inside the sanctuary. After spending 30 minutes inside the sanctuary, we clicked some pictures and started again for breakfast as we all were exhausted and tired.IMG-20160126-WA0043

9.30 a.m

An Hotel near Mamandur is where we all stopped for breakfast. I must say it was an amazing spot after such an amazing ride. Yeah! The food was stupendous and was priced keen. We all started again after having an amazing breakfast and rode seperately as we all had different routes to follow.

It was an wonderful experience to ride into greenery along with those generous biker souls!


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