It was 4.15a.m when the alarm woke me up. I was much excited, as it was my first Club ride. Yes! It was my first ride with ChennaiRoyalRidersMC. It was planned to ride till Mudhaliyar Kuppam, which was 98kms from my place. And followed by a sound breakfast at an Hotel in OMR.IMG-20150823-WA0199

I started by 4.30a.m and took an alternate route to get to the starting point, Mayajaal Multiplex. I’ve actually never been to mayajaal before, so was just scanning the name boards on both side of the road. And suddenly i saw a horde of Bullets parked neatly. Oh man! That was a wonderful sight! I was a bit nervous as i was gonna meet a lot of new people, but to my surprise they all started talking to me like someone they knew for a long time. I introduced myself and got a quick lesson on Biker signs. It was interesting!

We all had a number given to stick to while riding as we had to ride in an organised manner. We all geared up, Fired our engines and started with a steady pace of 80km\hr. Wah man! It would be a sin if I forget to describe the way it was to look at us riding! We maintained a single file throughout the ride. It was staggering to witness that scenic view of elongated file of Bullets roaring with the sunrise alongside! All that cold air, the morning sunshine and that melodious thump of our engines made it heavenly! We had an short pitstop at Tigercaves, 20km away to click a couple of pictures and started again within 10 mins.IMG-20150825-WA0048

It was exhilarating as we were riding some serious speeds after Tiger caves to reach Mudhaliyar kuppam on time. All the way we were welcomed by people looking at us startled. Cos you wont often get a chance to gaze at a pack of 30 Bullets rolling together! Finally we reached M.Kuppam by 7.30a.m, and parked our Bullet’s along side the Harley’s and Ducati’s. While sipping some hot tea, we had a short club conversation and some introduction session.

We saddled up again after 30 mins of chat. And this time there were no stops in between other than the destination itself. And we took another route way back because we had to reach the Hotel on time. We reached the Hotel by 9a.m and had a sound breakfast, chatting along with the fellow brothers. IMG-20150823-WA0122

And from there we all got away with our own routes. It was an amazing way to start a day. To meet new people and to ride in the morning wind! Amazing t’was!


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